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Hoboken MC History



Day one: Back in the summer of 1974, When out of the trenches of Hoboken came a bunch of young guys, some just returning from Vietnam. They had names like Chipper, Tommy D and Tobar. These young guns and the others like them, restless, young and hungry for excitement, began hanging together in a garage on Clinton St.


It was the meager beginnings of the HOBOKEN MOTORCYCLE CLUB.


More than thirty years later, even the founding members couldn't envision what the club would become. What started out in the garage with a group of guys with a thirst of motorcycles, has grown into the single largest independent motorcycle club in New Jersey. Located today at 50 Hoboken Ave in Jersey City, The club resides in a stare of the art facility that is the finest of its kind.


The distinct patch worn on the back of either the black or blue denim vests was originally designed by a member named Milty, and consist of a Roman Numeral II, a wheel and the international symbol for man, formed together inside of a shield. Together they represent "TWO WHEELED MEN". If you see someone wearing the gold and black patch, you can be certain that you are dealing with a member of the club!


The membership opens its doors to the public several times a year in April, July and October to host what has become the largest, most exciting and most entertaining fund-raising parties the motorcycle world has ever experienced in New Jersey. Additionally the club sponsors a toys for tots party in December that has become the premier event of its kind for area bikers, and has decades spotlighted the generosity of the club and those who participate.


Together these monumental events have enabled HOBOKEN M.C. to develop into an organization that today is involved in all aspects of community civic affairs, The many people who have attended these unforgettable events can taken pride in knowing that their support of the club has helped HOBOKEN M.C. to sponsor many local baseball and soccer teams and has given the club the ability to contribute to dozens of local charities, churches, hospitals, police organizations and social institutions throughout the area.


The club likes to consider itself a family organization. They are an entity unto themselves. A group of men who write their own rules, govern themselves and ride the bikes the way they see fit!


So whether you out dining with friends or family, drinking in a local watering hole, attending the bi-annual Hoboken art and music festival on Washington St., or simply visiting one of the many attractions the Hoboken/Jersey City area has to offer, you're sure to see HOBOKEN MOTORCYCLE CLUB and their untold numbers, rumbling through the streets of Jersey.